Hidden Crumbs

Daaboul Spices

Mr. Walid Daaboul (a spice tradesman for over 70 years) explains what are Lebanon's favorite spice blends, and some of their uses.

Yerba Matte

Yerba Matte a herb brought from Argentina by Lebanese expats, is often attributed to the Druze community, especially in the Shouf Region.

40 Years of coffee

Mr. Elias El Sokhn (Coffee maker for 40 years) explains the whole process from green to roasted coffee bean, without forgetting about the perfect cup of Lebanese coffee!

Orange blossom water-Maghdouche

You know it's springtime, when you step into Maghdouche and the smell of orange blossoms hits you. This visit shows how much a tiny flower is impactful and how it affects a whole city's economy.

Wild mushroom foraging

While taking us on a stroll around his home, Mr. Tony remembers his parents' stories while picking wild mushrooms. He then cooks them on the traditional Lebanese stove.

Maarouk Ramadan

Maarouk is a Golden fluffy, bread made only during Ramadan month. Sharifeh managed to make all the neighborhood's residents queue up for a loaf of her secret recipe.

Iftar Saïda

If we were to give a title to the Lebanese city Saïda, it would be the land of sweets.

And what better season to visit Sidon than during Ramadan! Join the Kalash Family to their traditional Iftar.


Amira and Bassam prepare their yearly mouneh in El Kaa village. Bordered by vegetable fields, no wonder this town feels so alive during the fall season. In this video, we highlight one product of their Mouneh: Makdous.