On Saturdays, Ashrafieh smelled like coffee

While heading to Geitawi Hospital, Ashrafieh, you can spot on your left a sign: "Arome Cafe". Behind that glass window, sat Mr. Elias El Sokhn in front of his 30 year old Coffee Roaster.

On Saturdays, you could smell the aroma all over the neighborhood as he turned it on.

The coffee beans where brought from Brazil as green beans. He used to roast them lightly for Espresso Coffee, Medium or Dark, according to preferences.

Some Lebanese also like Cardamom in their blend. Mr Elias grinded the Cardamom seed with the choice of coffee roast right in front of his clients.

Foodie on a mission was honored to film this experience before "Arome Cafe" closed it's doors during 2020's economic crisis in Lebanon.