ZLEBE AND 3OUWAYMAT | زلابة و عويمات

Catherine's Recipe

3ouwaymet | عويمات :

10 Cups Flour

5 Tbs Sugar

1 Cup diluted starch and water

1 Tbs Yeast

3 Tbs Rose Water

3 Tbs Orange Blossom Water

Warm water

Zlebye | زلابة :

Same recipe applies, warm water is added until consistency barely starts to liquify and sticks to the hands.

Sugar Syrup :

10 Cups Sugar

5 Cups of Water

Juice of 1 lemon


In a food bowl, start by mixing the dry ingredients. Then, add the diluted starch, rose water and orange blossom water. Mix well.

Gradually add warm water while mixing by hand until consistency is yoghurt like.

Place the dough covered in a warm environment for 40 mins to rise.

Meanwhile, Catherine's secret to a successful sugar syrup is to dissolve all the sugar in the water while still off heat. Then, heat the mixture. After reaching the boiling point, wait for 5 mins, turn the heat off, and add the lemon juice.

Mix the dough one final time before segmenting it by hand into small balls for 3ouwaymet or finger like shapes for Zlebye, directly before frying in hot cooking oil.

When the fritters are golden and floating, remove and directly soak them into the room temperature sugar syrup, drain and serve.

Deyim Deyim.

Twisted method

Instead of drenching the 3ouwaymet in simple syrup as traditions say; Fry the balls and let cool without soaking in the syrup.

With a piping bag, stuff the balls with your choice of Nutella, Lotus cream, or your favorite jam.

Serve dusted with powdered sugar.